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Hi. I’m Martin Jelsema, founder of the branding consultancy called Signature Strategies. I’ve been blogging on communal sites for over a year now, and thought it was time to have my own, focused blog about my main passion – branding.

That’s about all I’ve thought about – outside of family activities – for the past 12 years or so. That’s when I founded Signature Strategies to help smaller businesses profit from the power of branding. During those years I’ve created names, logos, taglines and graphic standards packages for well over 100 clients. I’ve also advised many concerning branding and naming strategies, performed positioning and name preference research, and conducted many a workshop for entrepreneur wanting to “brand smart from the start”.

I plan to comment on every aspect — from silly names to ponderous research techniques. I’ll always be civil, but not necessarily kind. And I may ramble a bit.

To give you a taste, I’ve imported some blog entries from a site I shared with several other bloggers on a site called The Connectory. My site there, Brand Smart, was one of only two that consistently blogged on business issues. So I left, even though I originally wrote the copy and designed the “sales” pages for that site.

The entries below will give you some idea of what you can expect, though I’ll be expanding the subject matter beyond that of interest to entrepreneurs.

So if you have an interest in branding, why not place www.TheBrandingBlog.com in your RSS feed, or at least bookmark us and return often.

Martin Jelsema
Signature Strategies

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