Martin Jelsema founded Signature Strategies, a fully integrated branding service for small businesses. He has been a marketing consultant and freelance promotional writer and graphics designer since 1983. For over 50 years, Martin has contributed to the marketing success of dozens of businesses as an employee or advisor, particularly in the areas of strategic communications and new product introductions. He is a visionary and innovator, a practical planner and researcher, a skilled writer and graphics designer.

Over the years, Martin has personally…

  • Named 75-plus companies or products,
  • Participated in over 25 major new product introductions,
  • Created more than 90 business/product/service logotypes,
  • Performed or managed almost 100 market research studies,
  • Developed more than a hundred marketing plans,
  • Created several hundred promotional items — ads, brochures, direct mail packages, presentations, exhibits, manuals, articles, newsletters, videos, films and web sites.

He has served IBM, Coors Ceramics, Information Handling Services, Hewlett-Packard, duPont, Dow Chemical, New York Telephone, Mosler Safe, Service Bureau Corporation, TransLogic, QuickPen International, Byerly & Company, GE Ceramics, Micro Motion, OmniVision, H&R Optical, as well as providing strategic, analytic and creative branding assistance to another 50 or 60 smaller companies since 1992.

Martin worked for the first three companies listed above, also serving IBM and Information Handling Services while an account executive at Marstellar Advertising and Tallant/Yates Advertising respectively. He started his career in the traffic department of Batten, Barton, Dustin and Osborn in N.Y.C. and became the youngest account executive that agency had promoted up to then. He also served stints with J.R.Mathes Advertising and Burnaford Sales Promotion in N.Y.C.

Among his other accomplishments are the following:

  • As Marketing Services Manager for Information Handling Services, provided marketing communications and market research support to a then-struggling startup company. Helped IHS position the company as the up-to-date source of engineering data in the aerospace and military electronics markets.
  • Created ad campaign to position IBM as a data processing source for small businesses — 13-years before the introduction of the desktop computer.
  • Created ad campaign to introduce IBM’s inventory software to major retailers and position IBM as the problem-solver in that NCR-dominated market.
  • Developed new product screening process to enable Coors Ceramics to focus on its technological strengths while meeting real market needs and profit goals.
  • Created strategic position and accompanying advertising to help establish Hewlett-Packard as the leader in “desktop computers” for engineering and scientific applications before “personal computers” were introduced by IBM.
  • Created a traveling seminar program, including newspaper and radio ads, direct mail and literature support in some 15 markets, to attract small business owners to attend demonstrations of Hewlett-Packard desktop computers.

On a personal note, Martin has been collecting jazz records since 1948 and boasts an extensive library of the recordings of early jazz greats and obscure performers. He builds model ships as well. He is well-read on marketing and business topics, and is an ATM-class Toastmaster. Martin graduated from the University of Florida with a BS degree in Advertising in 1958.

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  5. Just thought you’d like to know: your link to “The Lonely Marketer” is broken.

    Love your site, looking forward to reading through it! Best wishes, Barrett

  6. Martin,
    Thank you for starting this blog. It has some really great ideas. I recently stumbled upon it and have been reading through the archives. I wanted to send you an email if you are ok with it. I would like to show you 2 brand ideas I have come up with and see your opinion. I am a small entrepreneur working on my own. I appreciate your time

  7. Hi Martin,

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