Announcing BrandingWire. Because 12 heads are better than one.

I belong to IBI Global, an organization dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurs.

Their mantra is “collaboration instead of competition”.

Now I’m a part of a new group with this very same philosophy.


It’s a group made up of 10-to-12 very savvy branding professionals. Normally competitors, we all believe that the common good is served when we band together to problem-solve branding issues. The group is called BrandingWire. Its platform is the Internet and its format is web blogging.

It will kickoff on Monday, June 11.

Every month this “posse of pundits” will tackle a branding issue, one that’s true-to-life and of interest to both start-ups and organizations wishing to re-brand.

We each have a perspective and background that’s a little different from the next so our responses will be varied – and possibly contradictory. There will certainly be some sparks from this wire. We’ve even adopted a tagline which describes what you’ll take away from the BrandingWire: “provocative perspectives from a posse of pundits”.

Each of us will post our observations and recommendations at approximately the same time on our own blogs. They will then be consolidated at our collaborative site, BrandingWire. There you’ll also be able to access “Pundit Portal” where you can access each contributor’s blog since we all post with great frequency.

Remember, next Monday, June 11, it begins.  BrandWire will energize anyone looking for electric ideas about branding.

And of course, you’re welcome to comment on any and all posts.

Martin Jelsema

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