Another brand-diluting, wimpy tagline

So here I was watching TV and along came a T-Mobile commercial.

I thought about how their brand has become generic since the days of Catherine Zeta-Jones. She was a celebrity spokesperson and more. Her manner and style made her likable as well as watchable. She got our attention and represented T-Mobile well. At least that’s my opinion.

Then as this newest commercial closed, a voice over spouted their latest slogan:

Stick Together.

What was that? Stick Together?

What does that mean? How does that differentiate T-Mobile? How does “Stick Together” imply a benefit of the system? How is it relevant?

Desperate companies in desperate times sometimes panic. Is this what’s happening at T-Mobile? Has desperation caused execs there to lose perspective? What’s important about T-Mobile that would compel someone to buy? It’s not “Stick Together”, the one thing, although poorly expressed, that every mobile phone company offers. The might just as well have a slogan like “Communicate”.

And shame on the ad agency who let their T-Mobile account exec take this tepid tagline to T-Mobile for approval. It would have never gotten out of my shop.

Martin Jelsema

One thought on “Another brand-diluting, wimpy tagline

  1. You couldn’t be more correct. What is with TMobile? Catherine Zeta-Jones brought credibility to the product, in addition making it relevant and contemporary. We don’t get these “stick together” commercials, but loved the ones with her. “GET MORE” and we want more of her TMOBILE. Get it together!

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