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I’ve read and recommended books by David Aakers (Building Strong Brands and Managing Brand Equity) and by Scott Davis (Brand Asset Management and with Michael Dunn, Building the Brand-Driven Business).

Aakers, Davis and Dunn are authorities, Aakers with an academic background, Davis and Dunn with in-the-trenches credibility.

All are associated with the branding consulting firm, Prophet.

And the Prophet website is home for literally hundreds of articles, new releases and white papers concerning branding and brand management. Not only do Aakers and Davis contribute prolifically, so do various executive staff members, many of whom are industry specialists.

Not only are there archives articles and other resources to be found at the site, you can be assured that they continue to churn out materials, ideas and techniques as they become current. They don’t sit on their hands.

And there’s also a Prophet blog you might want to check out. It’s a co-op for Prophet pundits as well as a newsfeed for branding in the news. I’m adding their blog, called Backpocket, to my blogroll and I’ve subscribed to their RSS feed.

Check’em out.

Martin Jelsema

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