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There’s a group of branding “experts” (I’m included) who are happy to share our knowledge, experience and opinions with you about your specific branding questions, problems and needs.

What happens is you request an opportunity to post your need on the blog site, Go there to do so. Then you’ll be contacted and asked to submit your “branding brief”. You need to provide the pertinent info that the “posse of pundits” will need to specifically address your need. You might want to disguise it in some way if you’re in a particularly competitive category.

Then BrandingWire will post your brief as a post and the posse will respond with comments. So will others. But don’t worry, all comments are screened before being posted so you’ll not be getting saying some erectile medicine will solve your branding problem.

Anyway, most of the members of the BrandingWire posse have a little icon on their blog’s sidebar, including me. Just click on it to go to the BrandingWire site. Or click on it’s name, BrandingWire.

Right now a color consultant has asked about branding her business. The comments so far are insightful and very frank about the nature of her problem. Interesting stuff even though you may not have a specific branding problem.

Check it out at BrandingWire.

Martin Jelsema

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