Branding Basics – Step 12

Well, here we at the final step in this series: Step 12. We’re sliding home. Now’s the time to check alignment.
I’m assuming you haven’t “launched” as yet, but that you’re on the verge. So if need be, it’s not too late for an early-course correction.
Now you need to step back several paces and see just what you’ve done. In the heat of hands-on sculpting of the various brand elements, and overcoming particular obstacles and impediments you’ve encountered, you might have compromised a bit and strayed off course.
So begin by reviewing your original branding documents. See if on the whole, and individually, the elements convey the tenor and content you had intended for the brand. Look for disconnects and contradictions.
Review the elements as presented in the graphics standards for consistency.
Once you’re satisfied your brand is integrated, coherent and powerful, launch with confidence and enthusiasm.
One more point: I assume during this process you’ve asked associates and mentors to review and comment upon you brand.
Well, don’t listen to them.
OK, go ahead and listen.

Then remember that almost all advice you’ll receive from non-experts will tend toward the conventional and conservative. Their opinions reflect middle-of-the-road thinking.
Your brand should not be conservative. It must demand attention, at least from those you most want to influence by the brand. It must be out-of-the-box even in a very conservative product category. (Everything being relative, an out-of-the-box brand for a bank may be stodgy in the Hip-Hop music category.)
If you’ve hired bright, professional branders to help you with the brand, and the brand fulfills your brand strategy, and you feel comfortable with the brand representing you and the way you do business, go with it. This is no time for buyers remorse or second guessing. Do not hesitate.


Martin Jelsema

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