BrandingWire, the co-op blog, is changing

And you can become part of the brand networking community we’ve established.

It was just six months ago that Steve Woodruff of StickyFinger contacted about a dozen folks he knew were blogging about branding. He proposed we all take on a real-life branding problem once a month. Each of us, from our own perspectives and persuasions would post our reactions and response to the problem submitted. We named it BrandingWire.

We made some perceptive and helpful suggestions about the brands we critiqued. There was a coffee shop regional chain, the resort town of Estes Park, CO, the credibility problem of auto dealers, an IT consultancy.

But in retrospect, we were already becoming predictable and insular. So the idea is to now open the doors and make BrandingWire a branding community affair. The process is explained over at the site – I hope you’ll find it a resource of information and suggestions concerning your brand, or a brand of a client.

You’ll post a branding brief at BrandingWire and branding pros from all over the web will be able to post solutions and suggestions. And you, too, can comment on other people’s branding briefs.

This can be a rich, deep resource if people will use it seriously. We’ll eliminate spam. The comments will be monitored. We intend to make BrandingWire a center where branding authorities and those with branding needs can exchange ideas and build relationships.

Go to right now to view the details.

It’s what Web2 is all about.

Martin Jelsema

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