Brands engender long memories

People remember bad experiences with a brand and assume the experience will be just as bad the next time. I’ll bet you’ve also had those kind of experiences when you swear you’ll “never go back there again”” and mean it.
But there’s another side of the coin: When you have a positive experience with a brand, you tend to continue to favor that company for years and years, even to the point of overlooking more recent weaknesses.
Case in point: I once purchased a go-go mutual fund, but they made a mistake in processing the paperwork. I wrote the CEO telling him their error had cost me several hundred dollars. By return mail, I got a letter of apology and a check for the amount I figured I had lost. Wow! That doesn’t happen with many mutual funds! Anyway, the fund hit some bad times and lost much of its value, but I felt a great loyalty to the firm and did not liquidate.
So here’s the point: long memories work against poor performing brands, and work well for well-managed brands. This is the basis for the rebirth of some old-time product names that have been neglected by their owners until they discovered many people still had fond memories of the brand.
I’ve even gone back to Vaseline Hair Tonic recently. And I sometimes shave with Molle if I can’t find Barbasol.
The moral is still, “Brand Smart from the Start”. And then just be consistent.

Martin Jelsema

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