Brands that make me scoff – Toyota Matrix

This series on brands that make me scoff is going to be easy.

Today I’m calling out Toyota and their bad Matrix model.

I’m using “bad” in its original context – I don’t mean it’s, you know, good.

So here’s their tagline: Get in Touch with Your Dark Side.

Just on the basis of this inane slogan I scoff. I shake my head. I roll my eyes.

Now I’m a Star Wars fan and I assume that’s the dark side they’re referring to. I’d say the Matrix has a dark side position only if R2D2 has defected.

Do you know the car? It’s a small, round under-powered economy car. I know, I rented one a couple of weeks ago and drive it into the mountains. Living in Colorado has its advantages. Now I grew up in Estes Park Colorado and I’ve driven that road in four cylinder cars since a had a Hillman Minx back in the early 1960’s. I never had any problems even on the steep inclines.Toyota Matrix

But this Matrix didn’t have enough power to pass a New Jersey tourist. In fact, one passed me. The shame of it.

The only dark side I experienced had to do with night falling before I got home.

The point is credibility. You could position this automobile in appealing ways that are true to the vehicle and the experience of driving it.

Dark side indeed.

Martin Jelsema

2 thoughts on “Brands that make me scoff – Toyota Matrix

  1. Martin:

    LOL, I love your post, I totally agree. They are trying to make this car into a Super Sports car and it’s nothing more than a bloated station wagon. I remember when it first came out I was looking at a celica at the time and they showed me this, I was like “What is that?”

    Good post.

    P.S. I never bought the Celica either.

  2. Looking to buy another vehicle and looked at the Matrix, it has AWD and I have a scotter that I hope to pull with it, and gets good milage. what else would you recomend?

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