Brands that make you scoff

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I’ll see a new commercial or hear a new brand name or have an experience with a brand and just have to scoff.

I usually scoff by actually snorting. Out loud.

Usually there’s such a gap between the pronounced claim and reality that all credibility is lost. Either that or they say one thing and do another. Or they’re just spouting jibberish.

My last experience of this kind?

When Opex Communications cut off my voip phone service and then wouldn’t let me re-up. They had moved their billing department to California but forgot to inform me or my bank. My e-payments were not being accepted at the old address, but were not being returned, either. So Opex, without informing me, just cut off service.

Then the customer service people were no help – I found out later that was because they hadn’t been informed. When I finally reached someone in the know, it was too late. They had sold my “spot” on their network to someone else and there weren’t anymore. They weren’t even sorry.

I went with Vonage.

But I remember the Opex slogan on their home page: “Unmatched best-in-class customer service”. Snort. Scoff.  I wonder what class they’re competing in?

So that’s my story.

Do you have one? Or two? If so, please share them. Just add a comment below.

Let’s have some fun at their expense.

And drive home the point that the best and strongest brands life up to their claims.

Martin Jelsema

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