Commenting on OPB Generates Branding Insight.

In commenting on Jonathan Trenn’s branding blog at Chris Abraham’s Marketing Conversation, the words below just popped onto the screen as my fingers did their “thing”. In fact I though they were insightful. So I thought they might bear repeating here (with a minor edit or two).

Jonathan: I think something is missing from your definition of branding: it has to do with providing an arena in which people can identify themselves as members.

From the perspective of target market members, this is the key to top-of-mind awareness that draws people in and leads them to becoming zealots advocating the brand. It may be a feeling of being leading-edge, It may be a feeling of comfort and safety. It may be a feeling of participating in history. It may be the feeling of adventure.

That, to me is what branding is about: providing a theater for your market’s emotional satisfaction.

Jonathan had made some really valid statements on Brand Building that are worth reviewing. Just click “Brand Building” to read his definition(s).

Martin Jelsema


One thought on “Commenting on OPB Generates Branding Insight.

  1. Martin

    While I don’t fully agree with the term ‘community’, I completely agree where you’re taking it. People need to feel a deep relationship with the ‘brand’ and that often does breed a sense of community with other users of a product or service.

    Some brands, by their internal nature, may not need to create a sense of community, only a sense of commonality.

    Very, very good point.

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