Corporate Branding is not a middle-management activity

Branding the Corporation needs top management involvement big time!

Corporate brand is executive responsibility
Corporate brand is executive responsibility

When it comes to branding the company, direct access to the CEO and other senior staff members is essential. After all, they are the folks who set the direction, determine the values, vision and mission for the company, and reflect the corporate personality and culture.

So if the corporate brand – aka corporate identity – is to be true to corporate conduct and goals, top management must set the tone and approve both the process and the outcome.

Should outside consultants be brought on board? What kind of structure within the company will be in place to develop and monitor brand activities? How will the brand “age” when future planning is considered? How will new products be branded under the corporate brand? All these issues and more need to be considered by senior staff.

Unless top management is involved and passionate about branding and positioning, there will probably be a fragmented branding effort. You may find the need to modify or even attempt to acquire a new brand identity in a very short time without management involvement in the initial branding process.

2 thoughts on “Corporate Branding is not a middle-management activity

  1. Exactly why I adore working with small businesses! Much less red tape. The only down side is the need to hand-hold a lot initially.
    Question? Do you consider the corporate brand and the corporate identity to be one and the same?

  2. Dom: Yes, the downside is becoming a teacher. And for business people, before you can teach them, you must garner their respect. But it’s also a challenge and a real kick when they “get it”.

    I believe corporate branding is the way to a corporate identity. But the definition of corporate identity has changed since the 1960s. In the “old days”, corporate identity was THE thing even though it consisted only of graphic design elements. Today it means much more, as does the term corporate brand. Both are much more encompassing and have been taken out of the hands of graphic designers (even though their contributions should not be minimized).

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