Fully integrated brand for UPS includes the color

Several days ago I remarked in a blog post entitled “Brand vs Bland” how I thought UPS had fashioned a great brand based upon the concept of “logistics”, and how they now “own” that term.

Thinking a little further about their turn-around from “What can Brown do for You?”, it occurred to me that if you’re going to be logistic, there’s no better color for you than brown. Logistics is no-nonsense. Logistics comes from the military, and at least the US Army still wears brown. Brown is a “working” color.

According to those who study color psychology, brown denotes honesty, modesty and reliability.

So all along UPS had picked the right color, and I’m glad they ignored me and other critics for making such a big deal of their corporate color in the previous (still innocuous) What can Brown do for You? campaign.

The UPS as the logistics brand is, indeed fully integrated. There are no disconnects to turn prospects into scoffers.

5 thoughts on “Fully integrated brand for UPS includes the color

  1. Very interesting point regarding the psychology behind the color brown. I think brown also does a good job of clearly distinguishing UPS from the mostly white brands used by USPS and Fedex.

  2. Interesting point on the color psychology. I think the color brown is a good choice as it is very uncommon in the corporate logo world and really serves to differentiate them from Fed Ex

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