Good Taglines are NOT Platitudes.

Whether you call them taglines, slogans, or positioning statements, they are almost mandatory for today’s brand. These five-to-eight-word phrases are supposed to differentiate your business, product or service from your competition. But just as often, they just state the obvious. Or even worse, they cause confusion.

Here’s one way to evaluate a tagline. After hearing or reading it, if your reaction is “Well, I should hope so!”, you’re hearing or seeing a platitude, not an effective tagline.

There’s a moving company whose tagline is “the caring company”. Isn’t your reaction to that line, “well, I should hope so!”? That’s a platitude.

Effective taglines are difficult to craft. That’s why so many sound good but mean nothing. The video below might inspire you for your own taglining efforts:

If you discover your best efforts result in a platitude, look to your business core. What value do you offer others don’t? Make the tagline an expression of your uniqueness.

2 thoughts on “Good Taglines are NOT Platitudes.

  1. Michael: I’d say your slogan is a platitude. Doesn’t it elicit the idea, “well, I should hope so”? Also, it doesn’t in any way differentiate your business from competitors – anyone can make the claim and probably does even if they don’t use the exact words. Perhaps there’s something specific you could point to that differentiate and fulfills a recognized need?

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