Here’s a great definition of branding

I’ve been a log-time fan of John Jantsch, marketing guru extraordinaire. John heads Duct Tape Marketing, a web site and resource all small business people reading my blog should get to know. (He didn’t ask my advice in naming his company. He really doesn’t just apply Duct Tape to your marketing problems, we actually helps you repair and refinish them.)

Several years ago I was one of six or seven people who blogged regularly under his Duct Tape Marketing blog banner. He even included a couple of paragraphs about my own prospecting methods in his recently published book, named, oddly enough, Duct Tape Marketing.

In a recent blog on his amazingly content-packed site, John provided a definition of branding I found to be profound.

It begins this way: “Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable”. He then goes on to make the distinction between marketing and branding, as well as relating how they relate one to the other. Click to read his definition of branding blog.

And then I’d find his opt-in box and sign up for his informative eletter as well.

You’re welcome, John

Martin Jelsema

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