Interactive Web Branding – three examples

Interactive branding on the web by branding consultants seems to be catching on. And what’s more, there are examples of well-conceived and well-executed web sites where their interactivity is more than just a designer’s gimmick.

That’s the way it used to be. You’d click on a link for one of the design-oriented branding companies and, after a while, the “splash” page would appear with a message to “be patient” while the artwork loads. Then there would be a Flash segment or an animated gif that was neat-looking but pointless. Several minutes and a dose of frustration later you’d have to click on the next link to get to the meat of the brander’s message.

But here are three examples where branding companies have used interactive components to good utility.

My first example is the website for the Brand Identity Guru. It has a lot of gif and flash animation going on, but more functionally, they have provided a game to assess the vitality of your brand. “Is your brand vital?” is an interactive version of “Hangman”. You answer each question as it’s presented and “build” the gallows and its victim for wrong answers. The point is after you find your brand inadequate, you are given the phone number or contact form to contact Brand Identity Guru. They also provide another interactive Brand Strength Test which will also lead you to the last screen: contact us.

Chatwick Communications also provides a quiz format to involve users. They have a Branding IQ test which points out, as you go through each of some 10-12 questions, branding is a vital function in which you are not as expert as you thought you were. Yes, there’s a way to then contact them for help.

My final example is not a survey. It’s a table of branding terms and definitions laid out to simulate the periodic table of elements. The table was created by Kolbrener USA. Through the definitions and color coding, terms are grouped together logically. The definitions appear as you “mouse over” each cell. After a while visitors get the impression that branding is an integral process involving many elements. It’s well done and functional.

Now you could go to my web site and find a lot of valuable information but no interactivity (except downloading). That site,, was designed for a slower generation of internet access. But I think it’s time for me to update the site concept and introduce functional interactivity.

Just as soon as I can spare a minute. :0)

Martin Jelsema

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