Should your logo include your tagline?

My thought: emphatically, no.

That doesn’t mean the tagline can’t accompany your logo, and you can even make it look as if it’s a single element in selected cases.

But please reserve the right to separate them and use the logo as a stand-alone element where necessary. I blogged about the logo standing out when grouped with other logos – Does your logo stand out? It just won’t stand out if must carry along a tagline.

For my own company logo, I integrate logo and tagline where I have a full line devoted to the two elements, but elsewhere I separate them and usually only use the logo itself. Below are examples.

First, logo and tagline associated:

Then the logo alone:

Signature Strategies logo w/o tagline

So, logo and tagline are separate elements that can be integrated as appropriate. The thing is, be sure you have the flexibility to do either.

2 thoughts on “Should your logo include your tagline?

  1. Interesting article.
    We believe it depends on the tagline. If you have a short, strong tagline that significantly increases your communication impact, then it might be better to include it on every corporate message. If grouped with other logos, on the other hand, by all means let it stand alone.

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