Naming Tip – Number 73 in a Series

Comprehensive lists of all sorts of “stuff” can be the source for brand name candidates. They may or may not be directly related to the product brand, but that doesn’t keep some list members from being appropriate name candidates.

For instance, I ran into this list quite by accident: Birds of North American Species List at the website of the publisher of Smithsonian Field Guide to Birds of North America, Scott & Nix. I followed a link from an e-mail from Chuck Green of IdeaBook – an always-looked-forward-to monthly combination of great design-oriented links and promotional offers from Chuck’ Design Store – to the Scott & Nix list of 50 favored type faces. Next to that article was a link that peaked my curiosity, and sure enough, there was a very long list of bird names.

You can access this particular list by clicking Bird Names.

Keep you eyes open for other comprehensive lists that might yield name candidates. If you know of one or two, or as you discover them, please come back here and post their location in the comments section of this blog. Who knows, we may establish a database of name candidates here that could be of value to all brand name developers.

Martin Jelsema

One thought on “Naming Tip – Number 73 in a Series

  1. Great idea for a post. Real estate developers are the most clever about this sort of thing because they have to come up with tons of names for streets. Here in Sarasota, Florida, we have lots of new subdivisions. Some are named after British ships (Lusitania, Orsova, etc), and then others take names from Italy (Caminare, Kosteli). Not sure what they mean but folks seem to like it. In Virginia, the developers use books about old houses and find names there.

    Garland Pollard

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