Naming tip: Number 72 in a series

If your brand is a local/regional business, use the telephone book as a check for originality.

Look up your preferred name candidate in the alphabetical listings. If there are three or more business names beginning with the same first word, you should try the next candidate.

Too often people like to name with a local flavor with the mistaken idea that the residents will be more comfortable with a home-town enterprise. This thought hardly ever persuades a customer to choose a service provider.

More important is a name that’s unique and memorable. It needn’t be “cute” or localized.

If multiple companies share a name there’s a good chance confusion will keep customers guessing, and possibly moving on to a competitor.

Martin Jelsema

2 thoughts on “Naming tip: Number 72 in a series

  1. Interesting. When branding, we often under estimate the power of the Yellow Pages. It is a great tool to see in one glance your local competition. It is also a great tool to see what each of them is promising. Cheap and effective market analysis!

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