Naming Tips – Number 18 in a series

Damn, I made a mistake. I skipped numbers 18 and 19 in this series. So I’d better catch up. Or more appropriately, retreat and take care of the wounded.

So here goes with Number 18 in the series.

Incorporate candidates from the world of numbers.

Numbers and their symbols have built-in familiarity for most people. There are several approaches to numbers in names. You can make numbers part of the name (3D, A-1, 4-star). Then you can look at number-related words/symbols such as prime, pi, square, cube. The number might be a ranking (1st, First). You might incorporate prefixes (Bi, Tri, Quad), or roman numerals, or Greek characters (alpha – omega). There are also certain associations with some numbers that might be relevant (360 or 32F). Think, too of “counts”: The Tree Amegos, Five Fountains,etc.

Meaningful acronyms might be worth exploring.

If you can adopt a set of initials that already have meaning to your target markets they can be effective. Think MVP, PDQ, NCO. Those sets that have their own associations can work so long as they are positive and relevant associations. This is one of the “swap file” lists you may want to accumulate if you’re going to continually name offerings.

Martin Jelsema

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