Naming Tips – Number 27 in a Series

Let Google find you some brand name candidates.

It’s such a powerful search tool that there are several ways you can generate name candidates. Some produce lists and some point you to specific resources.

First, if you use the Google Toolbar on Internet Explorer, Google presents a  roll-down menu of “suggestions” once you’ve typed in a keyword. For instance, here’s the suggestion list it produced when I typed in “sun”:

Sunday Times
Sun Belt
Sun Java
sun up
Suntrust Bank

The beauty of this tip is it’s already a step you’d take anyway for the next tip.
Find glossaries on web sites by typing in a phrase or keyword and affix “+glossary” after the word in the Google search box. You can do this with product categories, industries, markets, professions, crafts, as well as descriptive keywords. Here’s what happened when searching “sun+glossary”

The Daily Sun Glossary of Solar Terms
Sun Expert Answers | You have Sun questions. We have answers
Basic Sun Glossary
SunGloss Help- Search and Export

Those are all from page 1, and there were over ten pages. Granted, all of them won’t be relevant, but five from ten first-page “hits” works for me.

Also, by using your keyword with “+synonyms” you can get entries like those below. There were 166 entries.

Sun – Synonyms for Sun from Bibliodata
Sun quotes & quotations
Definition of Shade
sun – Synonyms from

Perhaps you’ll learn some new terminology you can use in promotional copy as well.

Martin Jelsema


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