Naming tips – number 37 in a series

I’ve spoken about coined names before and how they’ve become more and more popular because of the competition for unique brand names. They seem to be all that’s left. And while that isn’t true, coined names have several advantages despite their popularity.

I recently did an analysis of company names from the INC 500 Index of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for the past 10 years. (With the newest issue of INC on the stands, I’ll have to update that study shortly). From 1997 through 2006, coined names gained popularity, from twenty-percent in 1997 to thirty three-percent in 2006. Contrast that to descriptive names which declined from twenty two percent to twelve-percent.

I just blogged about the strongest names from a legal point-of-view. Seems courts favor coined names whenever a name has been challenged or needs to be defended.

So for originality, a large pool of candidates and legal strength, look to coined names as a major approach to naming companies and products.

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