Naming Tips – Number 40 in a Series

Wow! I didn’t know I had 40 naming tips in me!

As far as I know, I haven’t repeated myself even though some tips might have hammered on a particular principle. Well, it seems I’ve still got a few thoughts to share, so here goes number 40…

In the beginning of any naming project, I’ve always suggested (hammered home) creating a naming brief that specifically delineates what is to be named, the name’s  function, to whom it must appeal, etc. The idea of a name’s function might need further clarification.

Other than identifying the brand, what function, from the list below, should the proposed name perform?

Convey an emotion or tone concerning the offering.
Suggest the offering’s category.
Identify with a specific market.
Tie-in with the corporate name/identity (if a product/service).
Suggest a specific application or function.
Pinpoint a particular differentiating feature/benefit.
Identify the offering as a member of an existing line.
Suggest a specific strategic differentiator (newest, heritage,etc.)

By being clear on one or two “secondary” functions of a name you’ll be better able to focus on relevant name candidates.

The name function, along with the other naming brief contents, should provide you with a very precise method of evaluating names as well.

Martin Jelsema

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