Naming Tips – Number 44 in a Series

Here are another three word-generating web sites that may prove helpful in generating brand name candidates.

Like those generators I’ve mentioned in Numbers 28 and 43 of this series, the ones I present here are mainly recommended for developing long lists of word combinations that spark ideas for names.

In other words, the coined words they generate may not be usable as is, but might lead your mind into lateral thinking and creative alternatives. Then again, every once in a while you may see a combination that is just what you’re looking for.

That said, here’s the first resource:

Dislexicon provides a multitude of variations on the word you provide. I typed in “clue” and got the following (along with some gibberish I won’t share): clue-ant, clue-ologist, clue-ish, clue-gen, de-clue, uni-clue. Some food for thought, anyway.

The second resource, Word Constructor, generates coined words that may or may not resemble the word you “seed” it with. You type in a word and the generator provides a list of words from the letters in the seed word. For instance, I typed in “prattle” and got examples like: prangh, plinta and brotte.

Third: Word Mixer. With this system, you type up to five words (or letter combinations) and Word Mixer generates a list of 25 coined words created from, but not related to, the input words. It just uses the letters and syllables of the inputted words and an algorithm to space vowels and consonants. You get diverse output such as fralm, carape, alni, pefrit, omeste, along with 20 absolutely useless combinations.

So, three more word generators that may or may not generate your brand name or ideas that might lead to a brand name. Conversely, you may just label them timewasters if nothing comes. But remember the story of the optimistic boy who believed that with a room-full of horse manure, there must be a pony close by.

And all of these sites are free to use.

Martin Jelsema

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