Naming Tips – Number 48 in a series

Recalling last week’s Naming Tips entry, I’d suggested word associations were more fruitful in building a list of name candidates and name-parts than were just synonyms.

I even mentioned the software that brings up lots of word associations for about any keyword: Thought Office.

So what’s next? This is when I start looking at word combinations. From the long lists and the mind map I start combining words and word-parts.

I obviously look to combine adjectives with nouns.

But I also combine nouns with verbs, and nouns with other nouns.

Then I’ll look at some of the most likely words and play around with adding positive suffixes or possibly prefixes.

This can be a little tedious without some help from the computer.

There are several programs that will combine every word from list A with every word in list B. That’ll give you a lot of combinations, most of which border on gibberish. But all you’re doing in this exercise is scanning the list for the 10 or 12 diamonds that come in the manure pile.

Next time I’ll give you more details on the software I use for combining words as well as perform a multitude of other tasks that help you generate fresh name condidates.

Martin Jelsema

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