Naming Tips: Number 1 of a Series

Anyone who’s had the experience of naming a business or a product, service or event, know it can be frustrating and time-consuming. Often we’ve had to settle for a second-best effort because our first choices just weren’t available.

I know that frustration. Our brand is on hold until the right name is developed. We are left to compromise, even abandon our brand name criteria upon occasion.

But I’ve devised (or borrowed) a bundle of tricks and techniques that help me find unique and appropriate “first choice” names. So over the next month or so I’ll intersperse some of this wisdom into my blog entries. Here are two of them:

Reverse the words in some of your favorite choices. So instead of naming a company Strategic Innovations, reverse the words. Call it Innovations Strategic. Medical Insights becomes Insights Medical. Proactive Solutions – Solutions Proactive. Legal Perspectives – Perspectives Legal. Not only is the idea retained, it’s presented in a unique way that makes it more memorable.


Use alliteration (Signature Strategies, Peak Paths) or rhyming (Compliance Alliance, Rare Care). Both techniques help make a names more memorable, and the “lilting” cadence of speaking them is actually pleasurable. Thus, if your business relies on referrals, you have a particularly compelling reason to alliterate or rhyme your company name.

Hope you’ll find this series helpful.

Martin Jelsema

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