Naming Tips: Number 10 in a Series

As you would expect, there are a lot of resources on the web that can be useful in developing lists of name candidates.

Some are branding sites, but most are concerned with language. I’ve just listed here four I’ve found intriguing and occasionally fruitful in generating brand names.

The Webmaster Toolkit site has a really easy search tool that internet marketers use to search for keywords for their web pages. I find relevant words and phrases, those actually used by searchers when looking for items through the search engines. Even though you’ll find their pop-ups a little distracting, this search tool provides lists of words and short phrases that will provide name candidates.

Then there a multitude of language-related sites that can be useful. The following websites contain links to on-line dictionaries and other word-related resources.

Use Wisdom is an authority site with access to many word-related resources. Warning: you can spend literally hours chasing links here.

iTools set of Language Tools also links up with a multitude of on-line word-related resources, as well as providing dictionary and thesaurus help directly from the site.

OneLook just provides a dictionary search, but what a search it is! When you type in a word or phrase, it can poll up to 900-plus on-line dictionaries.

Martin Jelsema

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