Naming Tips: Number 11 in a Series

The activity of naming a brand usually requires generating as many ideas, and then name candidates, as possible.

In order to find just the perfect, available name – whether you’re naming a company, a product, or a service – can be arduous and time-consuming. If you, like me, believe “quantity first” is the practical approach, consider exploring on-line name generators.

There are so many naming aids on the Internet that I’ve not even begun to discover what might be available.

But here are a couple of resourses I’ve recently discovered that are worth blogging about.

The first is called Seventh Sanctum and it’s an authority site and directory for name generators of all types, both ones they’ve created and scores of others.

The URL is:

Not all of the name generators listed are appropriate for brand names, but almost all are so simple to use that you won’t waste much time seeing if three or four of them might be of some help. Quality of results vary – some just generate random strings of letters. But there are some surprisingly fruitful ones. Explore, even the ones you’d normally shun. Like the “Fantasy Place Name Generator” at

Seventh Sanctum even provides directions for constructing your own generators. So if you have collected different types of words for use in naming like I have, you might be interested in making them databases you can call up and mix and match with other data-based word collections.

Then I’d try Word Mixer for a different type of name generator. You input up to five words that are relevant to your naming project and the on-line program gives you back a list of several dozen new words containing those you’ve inputted. Here’s their address:

If you know of other naming resources that you believe The Branding Blog should explore, please use the comment section below to guide me to them.


Martin Jelsema

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