Naming Tips: Number 12 in a Series

In a previous entry in this series, I mentioned exploring the words that define colors (i.e., red, blue, etc.) in brand names because they invoke emotional responses just like the hues do.

Now comes another source of large lists of brand name candidates.

Many paint companies name their various shades and hues of paint with compelling and descriptive names. These same names can be inspiration for product names, and yes, for company names as well.

You can venture to your local Home Depot or Lowes and pick up some sample color strips, or better yet, visit the web sites of the following paint companies:

Now here’s another tip, but this one’s not about naming.

You can use these websites, as well as those of Dutch Boy and Benjamin Moore, to view and select color combinations you might want to use for logos or packaging. You get to select and match colors on-line. And if your brand is web-oriented, you’re seeing the colors as they’d be on your web site.

Just download the graphics containing your selection, open the jpeg in your imaging software, use the color-picker feature and there you have your palette. Then if you’re into trade dressing, you’ve also identified paint colors for your walls and fixtures.

Pretty neat if I do say so myself.

Martin Jelsema

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