Naming tips – Number 14 in a series

The name can – and probably should – have more than one function. Of course, identity is number one. But aside from that, consider how the name can help your brand in the following ways:

Contribute mightily to the brand’s “personality”.

One of the techniques I use when getting input from a client is to have them define the personality they believe their offering should possess. I give them a list of personality “traits” and ask them to choose the three most appropriate. Name generation and evaluation can be guided by these attributes of “style” and “tone”.

Here are five of the 40-plus traits I suggest a brand could have:

    • Assertive

If you’d like the entire list, just click on the “Comments” button below and let me know you want it. And provide any feedback you think might help me serve you better.

Another possible function of a name is to help “position” the offering

Now positioning can never be achieved through a name only, and in fact, is often better served through other branding elements.) But it is possible to fashion name candidates that can help to position the entity…

    • in its industry/product category.
      in a specific market.
      with a specific type of buying influence.
      with a specific application.
      with a strategic differentiator.
      with its heritage/tradition.
      as a new market entrant.
      as a market/industry leader.
      as the premier provider of a specific attribute or characteristic.

Just describe the desired position (for example, “first-to-market with Internet-based solutions”) and ask name-generators to consider that position when exploring possibilities.

I’ll address some additional functions of the brand name next week.

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