Naming tips: Number 19 in a Series

Once you’ve identified your direction, compile a list of prime words or phrases – those that represent the idea of the brand, and therefore make the name unique and memorable.

Concentrate on those prime ideas only. Don’t be concerned with modifier words. You can add and match modifiers – those words that allude to product category, level of competence, method of delivery or product/service type – once the primary ideas are on paper.

Here are a couple of examples.

In naming Signature Strategies, “signature” was a prime idea signifying both identification and uniqueness. “Strategies” was one of several modifiers that could have completed the name. Considered were “solutions”, “identities”, “creations”, etc. But when matched, “signature” and “strategies” worked.

A client providing drug testing services for fleet operators in accordance to DOT regulations wanted the idea of “compliance” in his name. Many ways to express “compliance” were generated, including, strangely enough,  “compliance”. Then we generated a list of modifiers and began matching them. Up jumped “Compliance Alliance”, the final and successful name.

Note in these examples that two lists are compiled, the list of ideas and the list of possible modifiers. They are compiled at different times and with different objectives in mind. Quite often, words will be found in both lists. Then, begin matching entries from the two lists to find appealing and memorable name candidates.

Ideally, you’ll find a one-word name that needs no modifier or amplifier. But if you do need a second word, using the method above will keep you on track and provide viable candidates.

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