Naming Tips: Number 21 in a series.

I’ve blogged about the names of colors as a brand naming source. Because colors are emotional stimuli, using them as names can evoke those emotions.But the names of colors aren’t the only word types that can be associated with positive emotions or characteristics.Today I’ll describe several other types of emotion-evoking words that might help you develop your list of name candidates.

First, think about flavors.

Spices come easily to mind – cinnamon, thyme, sage, nutmeg, etc. You can go to for a most comprehensive list. Then there are the flavors of fruits and vegetables.

In the same arena as flavors are aromas.

In fact, many sources of flavors are also aroma sources – basil, clove, orange. But there are also odor-only associations like pine forests, ocean-sprays, after-rain ozone, camp fires. Though the list may be small, candidates from it may be powerful emotion-evokers.

Another area to explore is texture.

Think smooth, shiny, pebbled, leatherly, steely, grainy, gooey,

The idea is that any sense-related words that evoke the desired emotion can be a candidate for a relevant and memorable brand name.

Martin Jelsema

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