Naming Tips: Number 25 in a Series

A metropolitan library is still a great resource. Here are just two ways I’ve used my regional library to local brand name candidates and ideas that spur my creative juices.

I look for reference books, text books and industry reports that contain valuable information about the markets they address Within those documents you might find glossaries of terms, one or two of which may trigger name candidates. Also, scan the indexes for terms and characteristics that might lead to naming ideas.

Also, a resource I find stimulating and fruitful in the business reference section of larger libraries are the twin volumes by Gale Research: Brands and Their Companies and Companies and Their Brands. In Volume 1, all registered and active U.S. trademarks of brands are listed alphabetically with references to their owners. The second volume lists companies alphabetically and then the brands each owns.

There are two ways to use this naming gold mine. First, because most trademarks are only registered for one or two trademark categories, it is entirely possible that you could claim one or more from the list if the trademark owner isn’t a competitor.

Second, both volumes provide a swarm of naming ideas. By scanning and picking word parts, prefixes, suffixes and formats you find appropriate, you can generate new word lists you can combine with words you’ve generated from other sources to increase the quantity of naming candidates.

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  1. Martin,

    Great tips! Thank you. I use Gale Research guite a lot, primarily for two purposes: 1) To find potential clients, and 2) to learn about a potential client before meeting with them.

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