Naming Tips: Number 33 in a Series

Chris Brown who writes the Branding and Marketing blog was kind enough to introduce this series of naming tips to her readers this week. Thank you, Chris.

She also introduced several other blogs, one of which I’m going to feature here. The site is Inventor’s Spot and the specific article is called “Ten TopTips for Branding Your Invention”, written by Myra Per-Lee. Myra writes from the inventor’s or entrepreneur’s point of view. Here are her tips for naming that new product:

1. Think ahead. If you will be developing a product line from your invention, will you need a “line name,” as well as a “product name.” How will the product names relate to each other?

2. Know your market before you choose a name.

3. It’s a new product. Give it a new name! The name should not remind prospective customers of any product that is already on the market.

4. Pick a short memorable name.

5. The brand should support what the product does.

6. A cool name contributes to product success.
7. Don’t get too esoteric. Unless you are naming a software or gaming product, stick to names that don’t require a mythology handbook.

8. Consider the emotional impact of prospective brand names.

9. Names should be fun to say.

10. Test your list of names on members of your intended market.

So for a brand new product, you may want to consider these criteria when creating and adopting its name. You can read more about Myra’s 10 top tips by clicking here.

Thank you, Myra and thank you Chris.

Martin Jelsema

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