Naming Tips – Number 38 in a Series

Don’t name with meaningless words

There are some words that have been “used up” for names, particularly company names.

I mentioned I had performed an analysis of company names derived from the 5,000 companies listed (with some duplication) in the INC 500 Index of America’s Fastest Growing Companies over a 10-year period.

Several words kept coming up that people felt were somehow descriptive of their companies. Four were particularly popular, and thus no longer unique:


In effect, these words, along with others such as “Express”, “Network” and “International” have lost their original and unique meaning in the context of a company name. They’ve been overused, worn out. They no longer differentiate a business or its name

When in the heat of naming, words such as quality, service, data, and the seven already named above will keep coming up in the list of name candidates. Don’t erase them because they’ll keep coming back. But during the evaluation process, remember these abstract words have lost their meaning so it’s difficult to include them in a name that’s meaningful.

Martin Jelsema

P.S.: If you’d like a pdf copy of the Analysis of Company Names from the INC 500 Index, either e-mail me or ask through the comments box below.

One thought on “Naming Tips – Number 38 in a Series

  1. I’d love to get a copy of that pdf. I have been going through the naming process with a client that has been particularly challenging. Maybe checking out that analysis will help.

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