Naming Tips: Number 43 in a Series

Back in July 13, 2007, I blogged about several naming resources that might help you generate unusual, out-of-the-box brand names, company names and domain names. They’re at Naming Tips: Number 28.

Well, I’ve found several more web sites that generate name candidates. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. I’ll list them all and you can determine for yourself which, if any, will be useful for your particular applications.

First is Nameboy. It was invented specifically for domain name generation but works for any name type. It mixes two words you specify and then generates combinations of those words and several of their synonyms. It also generates alternate spellings of one or more of your inserted words. Nameboy generates about 25 entries at a time, of which 15 will be pure waste. I put in “strong” and “signs” and got back some good synonyms for “strong” – brawny, hefty, bullnecked, muscular. They were teamed with “words” like cue, sine, mark, signz.

Next is Make Words. This site is also a domain name generator with wider application. It generates combined words. You can select from 41 categories and then add your own word to combine with the words from the selected category. Categories range from “action verbs” to “sports”. I selected “misc affixes” as a category and inserted “que” as my contribution. I got a lot of gobbledygook and several coined words that might be appropriate as brand names – Quebet, Queday, Quematic, Cityque, Logique. For some, you’ll want to delete an ajoining vowel to make the word pronounceable.

Name Spinner is the last for this blog. It, too, is primarily a domain name generator. It randomly provides an additional syllable to a word you enter to generate new candidates. When I typed in “ram”, I got back six or seven nice combos along with the scap. These words emerged – Redram, Ramair, Bayram, Ramhorn, Rambus, Ramert. 

Incidentally, these sites were conveyed to me from the folks at Authority Site Center. If you’re doing business on the web, or want to, I suggest checking them out.

Martin Jelsema

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