Naming Tips: Number 49 in a series

As we press on with the process of creating brand name candidates, here’s a way to combine words without special software.

Remember last week I spoke of word-combining software specifically designed to randomly combine words from two lists.

But if you have a fairly sophisticated word processing program with a “find and replace” feature and a table-building feature, you can easily combine words.

Here’s how.

1) Make two lists, one will usually be your adjectives, the other your nouns.
2) Create a two column, one row table.
3) Type your adjective list into the first column with a carriage return between each word. Select all words and format right justified.
4) In the second column, type a single character, say an “a”, opposite each adjective in the first column.
5) Select the column of “a”s
6) Go to your Find and Replace menu and instruct the program to find the word “a” and replace it with the first noun you wish to combine with the list of adjectives.
7) I’d then select and copy the entire table onto a new page.
8) Going back to the original page, go to the find and replace menu.
9) Replace the first noun with the second one on your list and activate.
10) Select and copy that table to another page, and  continue the process until all the nouns have been combined with all the adjectives.

From the lists you can select those possible candidates for your name. Also, peruse these lists looking for additional ideas that often spring up when a couple of unconventional combinations spark your imagination.

One word of warning: if the two lists you begin with are over 10-12 words each, I’d look at breaking them up and doing two separate combination projects because the process can become rather monotonous.

Next week: candidate evaluation.

Martin Jelsema


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