Naming Tips: Number 5 in a Series

Here are three more naming tips I’ve used in the fascinating business of naming companies and then naming their products:

Tip 1: Add an appropriate but unexpected suffix to a descriptive root word: Ideatrics, Visioneering, Profitology, Travelocity are examples. But for this technique, known as “tacking” in some circles, to be effective, the first word part should be familiar and really stands on its own. The suffixes also must “fit”, i.e., add something meaningful about the named entity.

For instance, Ideatrics is a good name for the company that adopted it – they help surgeons design and produce specialized surgical instruments. Thus, the “atrics” suffix (meaning medical treatment) puts the company in the medical field. And coupled with “idea” defines the business in a unique way.

Tip 2: Consider incorporating the names of colors in your name. Often reciting the name of a color will produce an emotional response almost as strong as viewing the color itself. Thus, Red Bull, Greenway, Yellow Book convey energy, natural and bright respectively even in a radio commercial.

Remember, there are literally hundreds of names for colors – just stand in front of the swatch panels at Home Depot to get a flavor. As a matter of fact, I’ve been known to scan these walls for naming inspiration.

Tip 3: Though limited in application, you might explore numbers as part of the name. The number might rank (Five-star), or indicate sequence (1-2-3), or express an order of magnitude (Deca). Look to numeric prefixes (bi, tri, quad…), or degrees (360 or 32F), or Greek (alpha, beta, etc.), or roman numerals. Then there are mathematical symbols and terminology that can be adopted for product names (prime, pi, square, sine, vector, factor, etc.).

Perhaps these tips won’t apply universally, but for some companies and some products, you may want to consider these sources and other unusual repositories. 

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