Naming Tips: number 50 in a series

I have compiled a Naming Aids notebook.

I started it many years ago and it just keeps growing. In fact it’s now up to two 3-inch, 3-hole binders and I’m about to start a third.

It contains all sorts of information – articles, definitions, lists, a collection of good and great names, some linguistic principles and most importantly, all the name candidates I’ve created for clients over the years. They are a source of inspiration and often enough, candidates for current client naming projects.

The notebook contains all my source data on morphemes and phonestemes and other linguistic resources. It has comprehensive lists of suffixes and prefixes with definitions. There’s a major list of given names and their meanings. I even developed a list of ALL two, three and four-letter combinations containing vowels and consonants in accepted English presentation.

It also contains specially-compiled lists. One such list contains some 800 potential “last names” a business might acquire (Arsenal, Arts, Associates, Attic, Authority, Avenue are examples). A subset of this list is for real estate developers who almost always want the last name of their developments to be a connected with geography – Cove, Trace, Woods, Fields, etc.

Then there is a page of potential “second syllables” to combine with positive “first syllables”. Last syllables like “fair’, ‘faith”, “fast”, “felt’, “fest’, “field” can be combined with words like “First”, ‘Fitz”, “Fair”. The result is an “English-like” name that has a positive, possibly meaningful connotation for the company or product named.

If you are in the naming business, even peripherally, I strongly suggest you begin your own Naming Aids notebook.

Just like a copywriter’s “swipe” file, you’ll find a Naming Aids notebook quite valuable.

Martin Jelsema

2 thoughts on “Naming Tips: number 50 in a series

  1. Hi Martin, I just wanted to let you know that i think your series of articles on naming thus far has been some of the best naming advice i’ve found anywhere on the web. Extremely useful and important information for any one looking to create a name for their product, company, service, or even pet. Thanks !

  2. David: Thanks for your kind remarks about the Naming Tips series. I’ll keep it going as long as I can, but I’m getting very close to repeating. If you or others have any naming tips you’d like to contribute, please send them my way. You’ll certainly get credit and a backlink for any I use. Martin Jelsema

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