Naming tips: Number 56 in a series

Here’s another opportunity for substitution.

Let’s assume you’ve generated a list of 100-150 words you might find descriptive or evocative of your project. Peruse this list looking fin the words beginning with “ex”, “on”, “an”, “in”, etc. – syllables beginning with vowel-consonant. Then just substitute another set of vowel-consonant combos.

An easy way to do this is to make a copy of the list, and in your word processor use the “find and replace” function.

For instance, find all instances of “in” and replace with “or”. One caution, if a word has more than one instance of “in” in it, you’ll probably have to change the second one back to an “in”. Like you might begin with “inning” and get back “ornorg”.

Just make another copy of the original for each iteration you want to try and save the results.

Martin Jelsema

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