Naming tips: number 57 in a series

If you’re going to make naming brands, products, companies, services, events, etc. part of your marketing communications arsenal, you’re probably something of a word connoisseur already.

So I probably don’t have to tell you that word games are both enjoyable and instructive. I’ve learned more about syntax, word structure, and linguistics every time a spent over lunch with my newspaper’s cryptogram, Jumble™ and crossword.

Now I’m not into New York Time crosswords – I do the simple ones. So the words I discover are actually usable in everyday conversations. Cryptograms are especially helpful in recognizing frequent combinations. And Jumbles get me putting letters together in “logical” sequences, even when I don’t know the words I’m searching for.

Day after day after day, if I’m eating alone, I’m doing word puzzles.

Not only does this enjoyable function help me invent new words/names, it brings me joy and satisfaction as well.

Martin Jelsema

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