Naming tips – number 59 is a series

Without resorting to plagiarism, I’d like to make this post about 11 Top Tips for Selecting a Brand Name as written by Rick Jacobs, a Principal at Monigle Associates. Monigle claims to be the country’s largest independent brand and design consultancy.

I value the tips. Probably because I embraced most of them prior to seeing Jacobs’ paper.

Here are the tips in brief

  1. Don’t describe – distinguish
    CEO involvement is key
    Avoid alphabet soap
    Research cannot replace decision making
    If it’s comfortable – forget it
    Keep it brief
    Employee contests don’t work
    It’s about strategy, not emotion or politics
    Manage the decision-making process
    Always be prepared for leaks
    Don’t expect unanimity

All eleven top tips for selecting a brand name are expanded in a pdf page you can find on the Monigle Associate web site.

Martin Jelsema

One thought on “Naming tips – number 59 is a series

  1. Thanks for the link to the pdf, again, your posts are always very helpful. Just recently in our company we’ve come across a situation you dealt with earlier about using the initials of the company. Very helpful. Thanks again!

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