Naming Tips: Number 7 in a Series

In this series, I’ve attempted to broaden the scope of potential names. Here are two more ways you might not have thought of, even though both have limited application.
There’s a way to impart certain cultural suggestions or associations by using the first part of two-part proper names (ie: Mc, Mac, O’, Van, von, D’, Di, De, Del, Bel, San, La, L’) and hook them up with descriptive nouns like McNuggets, O’Cedar, MacFrugal.

It’s also worth exploring new lead-ins as if you were on staff at Paramount Studios dreaming up character names for the next Star Trek series: (RelTran, B’Yond, G’Wizz). 

This second tip may be as much a graphic approach as it is a purely name-making activity. But you can create names that stand out with visual devices. When so-doing you must remember that your name may not be utilized in the method you would wish by press or referrers. Also, though it might be trademarkable as a graphic, a graphic name may not be available as a common word, nor will you be able to use a graphic device as a web site URL.

However, it is possible to incorporate devices such as hyphens, common symbols & punctuation(+,!), all lower case, underlined word parts, combined UPPERlower case, CapsINmiddle, pronunciation marks (Jels’-ema), two Differentfonts, Etc.

Though limited in application, either of these tips might stimulate your search for outside-the-can name candidates.

Martin Jelsema

 Power 150: ranked 118

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