Nonprofit taglines: no better than commercial slogans

Nancy Schwartz blogs about non-profit marketing issues at Getting Attention.

Right now she’s conducting a survey about the effectiveness of taglines in the non-profit sector. If you’re involved with a non-profit, you’re encouraged to take part. Just click on Non-profit tagline survey.

Nancy’s doing this study because, in her words, “Effective taglines complement an organization’s name, convey the unique value it delivers to its community and differentiates it from the competition,” she says. “But more often, nonprofit taglines are vague, ambiguous, over-reaching, too abstract or simply non-existent.”

Well, Nancy, non-profit taglines are just one category of slogan that fits that last description, as anyone following this blog can attest. In fact, many are so sorry that the organizations would be better off without them because they just raise the question, “what does that mean?”.

Nancy promises to send you a copy of the final report if you request it. So if you’re connected to a non-profit, why not visit the survey?

Martin Jelsema

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