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Mack Collier on his marketing blog, The Viral Garden, proposes the following”

“Here’s the deal: In an effort to bring more link-love to those blogs that I feel aren’t getting their due, I’ve created a small list of blogs below that I’ve linked to. The idea is to create a meme built around giving link-love to the blogs that deserve it, and hopefully turn Technorati’s system of using a blog’s # of links to determine its ‘authority’, on its ear.

“What YOU can do is simply create a new post on your blog, but CUT AND PASTE the list I have below, and then ADD any blogs you feel aren’t getting their due either. It can be 1 blog, or a hundred(or none if you simply want to repost the same list), but the idea is, find those great blogs that, for whatever reason, you feel aren’t getting their due, link-wise.

“Then after you leave your post, the next blogger will do the same thing, cut and paste YOUR list, and add THEIR blogs to the list, then repost it. Add the same instructions in your post that the next blogger should cut and paste YOUR list, and add any blogs they feel should be on it to THEIR list. The list will get increasingly long, and all the blogs will get a sort of reverse ‘pyramid-affect’ of link-love.”

So here’s the list as I found it. Remember, it will grow. Now, The Branding Blog is listed thanks to Chris Brown of Marketing Resources & Results

Chris Brown

Shotgun Marketing Blog




Customers Rock!

Being Peter Kim

Two Hat Marketing

The Branding Blog

The Emerging Brand



Drew’s Marketing Minute

Golden Practices


Tell Ten Friends

Flooring the Consumer

Kinetic Ideas




My contribution is the very focused and authoritative

Branding Strategy Insider.

If you’ve a blog to add to the list, please do.

Martin Jelsema

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