Source of 10,000 Brand Names

Since the name is the rallying flag for your brand, it pays to spend the time and energy required to either find or create a really unique and relevant one. The success of your branding efforts begins with the name.

Now “finding” a name means looking for existing names that suit your product or business that can be “borrowed” from other sources without infringing on someone’s trademark. So where would a person look for names like that?

Get a good Atlas. There are thousands of place names listed in the index of your atlas. Just scan the list

Likely, you’ll find brand name candidates that set just the right mood and convey the appropriate image for your product, service or business.

Perhaps you won’t find an appropriate name this way. But it only costs you a half hour’s time with a $12.00 Atlas (Even less if you buy a used Atlas, or visit the library).

I’ll sometimes use an Atlas just to get the creative juices flowing. I might find a dozen or so candidates from, say Vermont which can be used “as is” or combined with other word roots, prefixes or suffixes (i.e. combining Alpha with the last syllable of Piedmont = Alphamont).

The founder of Haverhills mail-order business confessed that his business was named this way. He was not from, nor had he ever visited, Haverhill, MA. He just liked the sound of it. It’s been a successful catalog company since the mid-1960’s.

When you use a world Atlas, or an historic Atlas, the candidates just multiply.

As an added incentive, you might find a great place to vacation once your brand starts generating cash flow.

Martin Jelsema

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