TheBrandingBlog Celebrates its First Anniversary

This year’s just flown by. And just about any time during that period, whenever I think I’ve got a minute for free thought, I’m reminded that I have another blog to write.

For me, blogging is work. I associate it with deadlines and excellence. My old copywriting mentor, Bill Aul at Marstellar, N.Y. circa 1965, used to remind me that short, crisp and compelling copy worked best no matter what I was writing. But, he added, short, crisp writing took more work that meandering, fuzzy writing did.


I know that for a fact.

I try to be useful in each blog, either sharing my experience, my sources of knowledge or my “common sense”.

The later can get me in trouble, and does in about one of four instances, I estimate.

This past year I started three different series of subjects. One, Naming Tips, has been on-going. I’ll be writing my 43rd tip the end of this week.

I did a series on how to “brand smart from the start”, describing the various steps I lead new clients through in the sequence I believe needs to be followed.

Then I did a series on color, describing eight different colors, their meaning and the emotional responses they evoke. This series is not complete. In the next several months I’ll pick up that theme again, elaborating on color combinations and such “technical” aspects as contrast, hues and tone.

Also in the next couple of months I’ll be discussing trade dress and signage, more about taglines, how to work with professional designers and strategists, and a few other topics.

If you’ve found this past year’s blogs useful, or at least informative, I’ve been rewarded for the time spent. But either way, please let me know what you’d like to see in these messages. Just click the “comments” link below.

I have an opinion about almost everthing :0)

Martin Jelsema

One thought on “TheBrandingBlog Celebrates its First Anniversary

  1. How nice to see my father’s advice passed on to yet another generation. He would be pleased.
    — Billie Aul

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