Two more branding info sites just discovered.

Perhaps I’m behind the times, but in case you, too, never knew about SlideShare and Idris Mootee, you’ll find this blog informative.

First, there’s SlideShare, a source for branding information and education, as well as many, many other subjects..

It’s a uTube-like site where people and post and retrieve slideshows. And if you search under branding you’ll find dozens of presentations and tutorials on the subject.

I found the site while doing some research using the Google Image Search. Just typed in “branding” and all sorts of charts, graphs, illustrations and devices where displayed. With a subject as visual as branding, I found some real kernels for displaying branding concepts.

One image led me to SlideShare.

I found SlideShare to be much more fruitful for business topics than uTube. Most of the presentations – PowerPoint formats usually – are informative white paper types. Yes, there are some that are completely self-serving sales pitches. But it’s worth the effort to sift them out and get to the really meaty material.

One resource I discovered there was a series of slide shows – six completed and two more to be posted – on branding by Idris Mootee. His series is called Brand MasterClass and you can begin at the first presentation by clicking its name. Very comprehensive but concise handling of this complex topic.

I also found Mr. Mootee’s blog to be intriguing and full solid content. It’s called Innovative Playground. I’m adding his blog to my “Other Blogs” list to the right.

Hope you’ll find this info as valuable as I did.

Martin Jelsema

2 thoughts on “Two more branding info sites just discovered.

  1. Martin,
    I checked that out and there are a lot of very useful content as you’ve dsecribed. I am very interested in joining the masterclass but not sure where to get started. Thanks for sharing. Jimmy Carson

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